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StPostal stamps showing Vaughan Williamscting composer Vaughan Williams

The RVW Trust was established in 1956 by the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958). He was always a generous personal supporter of many musical and charitable purposes and wanted to ensure that this support could continue after his death.

With the wholehearted support of his wife Ursula, the charitable trust was established in order that income from the Performing Rights in his music could be directed towards the purposes which he held dear, in particular the support of his fellow composers. Find out about our support .

In accordance with his wishes, the RVW Trust does not fund the performance of his own works. Projects involving the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams may be supported by our sister charity the Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust.

The original purposes of the trust remain unchanged and it continues to honour the intentions and memory of the Founder. To enable the trust to continue its work beyond 2028, when most of Vaughan Williams’s music comes out of copyright, the trustees have agreed to set part of its income aside each year in order to build up reserves towards that point. It is therefore likely that the number and size of future grants will reflect this.

The trust has an active board of trustees of which the current chairman is Hugh Cobbe, OBE, FSA. The trustees are supported by a group of specialist music advisers.

The Secretary to the trust is Rosie Johnson, to whom all queries and applications should be directed.

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Charity registration number: 1066977

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