How to make your application

A quick guide:

We support the performance, creation and recording of music by professional British composers of current or recent generations (or those entering the profession).

The RVWT is currently seeking applications as normal. We understand how hard it is to finalise plans during the current pandemic and ask you to update us if there are changes to you original proposal. We will consider performance projects with a digital outcome, however we will continue to prioritise applications where the primary intention is live performance. Where possible please give some indication of the flexibility of your project should it not be possible to deliver as you initially intend.

The Trustees are very aware that our income (which derives from performing royalties of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams) will be severely reduced during the coming months due the cancellation of performances during lockdown. It is therefore likely that our grant giving will be reduced to a degree.

To apply for general funding

Remember that the trustees may read 100 applications at any meeting and it will help you if your application is briefly and clearly expressed.

To apply for postgraduate funding